Blum’s New Tandem plus Blumotion Undermount Slides

For a number of years, Accuride side mount drawer slides were the standard in custom cabinetry.  Then Blum came out with their concealed undermount slides and Accurides became a thing of the past.

It took a few years for Accuride to finally release their own version of concealed undermounts.  At the time, Accuride managed to one up Blum by adding a side adjustment that they didn’t offer.  However, the chief complaint to Accuride’s design was that when the drawer was pushed in to close, the drawer would shimmy to the side and sometimes make contact with the face frame or drawer front next to it.  That turned a lot of shops off to Acccuride’s undermounts.

In 2012, Blum finally released a new model design for their undermounts that included side adjustment.  I recently installed six pair of these slides.  Like the rest of the adjustments with Blum slides, they do not require any tools and are made by hand.  The Accurides require you to use a pozidrive screw driver from underneath to make the up, down, and side adjustments.  This can be problematic when adjusting the bottom drawer in a cabinet.

Overall I found the new Blum slides to work very well.  Having the side adjustment makes installing drawer faces much easier and saves time.  This will be my preferred option for concealed undermounts for now on.

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