PFohl Glue Applicator

Pfohl 6″ Glue Applicator

One of the most useful tools I have come across is the glue applicator.  The Pfohl 6″ glue applicator made by Gupfo is the version that I am most familiar with.  Virutex sells a version with a roller in the glue hopper for edge gluing applications.

Pfohl 6″ Rubber Roller.

You can buy the Pfohl with a rubber or sponge roller.  I purchased the rubber roller for ease of cleaning and faster turn around times.  The applicator does not come cheap and will run you about $264 from Veneer Systems.

Pfohl 6″ Sponge Roller

Many craftsmen will balk at the price, but the Pfohl is well made and performs exceptionally.  This applicator affords you the ability to apply glue over wide areas quickly and consistently.  A consistent glue line is especially important when gluing veneer.  When compared to other methods such as pouring the glue on from a jug and spreading with a paint roller, the Pfohl dominates.


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